Cameron Van Buren is the oldest sister in the Van Buren famil

Cameron Van Buren is the oldest sister in the Van Buren family.

y, and is currently at war with the Overland Park cheer squad. She was apart of the Overland Park class of 2011, and currently attends Wichita State University. She was the Overland Park Prom Queen of 2011, and is known to be the most popular girl ever known in the history of the Blue Valley district. Just like tradition with her mother and her

Cameron at the 2012 Overland Park Prom announcing the 2013 Prom Queen.

Great Aunt Ruth, she was head cheerleader of Overland Park.

Cameron is very snobbish, and likes to insult others daily. She knows that she is "pretty much goregous" and that everyone always looks at her. Although it doesn't show much, Cameron cares deeply about her sisters and will protect them if threatened. However, she still insults her sisters on her own time.


Cameron Van Buren has two sisters, Shay and Mikayla. She and her sisters like to trade insults towards the cheerleaders because Shay did not become apart of the cheer squad like her family had.

Cameron has a stron
CVB and BM

Cameron and Brittany trading insults.

g hatred for Brittany Matthews, as Brittany feels the same way. This is probably because both of them are known for the greatest remarks in each group. Their arguments happen very often, and it becomes routine for alot of the people watching.

Lunch Lady Belinda has a huge crush on Cameron that started her freshman year when she gave her more tater tots and pizza than everyone else. Cameron also noticed that in each tater tot was Lunch Lady Belinda's phone number. Cameron finds the infatuation quite creepy and always shoots Belinda down when she tries to give her a compliment.

Cameron also has a said 29 year-old boyfriend who has not been named yet.