“ “Do you know what these are, Ashley Katchadourian? These are a little girl's arms! A little girl with dreams... with legs... with a head... She's a pencil! She's a swizzle stick! You can use her as a pool noodle, and now I'm holding up her arms! Her arms! I'm holding them because you weren't watching the door!”  

–Trisha Cappelletti



Trisha in her normal cheerleading attire.

Trisha Cappelletti attends Overland Park Highschool, where she is currently a cheerleader. As such, she takes control of all documentation and leave affairs. She is fit in a size 0 uniform and is in charge of pom-poms during games, just like Mackenzie Zales. Although mostly everyone around her has quick tempers or speak openly, Trisha is the complete opposite by staying quiet and keeping a low profile.

Trisha in regular dress.

This is why people tend to ignore Trisha at times when she is talking. She has a shy personality but can become extremely outgoing when angered or determined.


Trisha is friends with Mackenzie Zales and Brittany Matthews since they are all in the Overland Park cheer squad with her. Unlike Mackenzie and Brittany who are usually loud, Trisha tends to be the mellow part of the group, which is why she will sometimes mutter things to herself.

Trisha is currently in a relationship with Matthew Derringer, but Mikayla Van Buren had threatened to tell ev
TC and MD

Trisha and Matthew at the 2012 Overland Park Highschool Prom.

eryone in school in episode 3 that she was seen making out with Ira Martinez behind Topsy's Popcorn after school. Matthew has yet to comment about this, so it is unaware if this is a rumor or if Trisha is cheating on him.

The cheerleaders are currently at war with the Van Buren family, so Trisha is supposed to be having hostile behavior towards Cameron and family. However, Trisha has yet to be seen doing anything beyond the scale how Mackenzie and Brittany have. In fact, Mikayla and Trisha held a friendly conversation about clothes whilst Brittany and Cameron were in the middle of an argument.

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